Airlie Street, CLAREMONT

Renovation on Airlie

Louvre roof installed on airlie street claremont

Haven Construction embarked on a remarkable renovation project in Claremont, successfully modernizing a residence stuck in the early 90’s and breathing new life into its living spaces. The rejuvenation was particularly transformative for the living area and outdoor area, which had become the home’s weakest link. 

Revitalizing the Living Space

The living area, unfortunately, hadn’t aged gracefully and was a major concern. However, with strategic remodeling, Haven Construction managed to relocate the back wall, effectively expanding the living space by an impressive 40 square meters. This thoughtful alteration not only added significant space but also heralded a new era of aesthetics and functionality.

The Outdoors Transformed

To complement the internal overhaul, the outdoor area was also reimagined to enhance the overall livability of the home. High ceilings now grace the interiors, radiating a sense of spaciousness and airiness. The golden floorboards have gracefully transformed into an earthy, light brown hue, bringing warmth and coherence to the interiors.

Elegant Transitions and Outdoor Oasis

The renovation reached its pinnacle with the installation of custom doors that artfully lead to the outside world. A significant highlight of this transformation is the introduction of an electrically operable Louvre Roof. This innovative feature seamlessly marries indoor and outdoor spaces, offering the residents control over the natural elements while creating an inviting extension of the living area.

From Dated to Dynamic

The Claremont Louvre Roof Renovation showcases Haven Construction’s prowess in modernizing homes to suit contemporary living. The combination of intelligent space utilization, elegant design, and innovative additions like the automatic Louvre Roof has turned this once outdated residence into an incredibly livable and appealing haven.

This Claremont Louvre Roof renovation stands as a testament to Haven Construction’s commitment to transforming spaces, adding functionality, and bringing homes into the new millennium.

“As a builder, my go to for a louvre roof is Louvre Shade. Chris and the team have completed all installations on my projects since 2015. Reliable quality and service. Thanks for being such a great company to work with.”

Kim Stewart

Builder, Haven Construction

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