A custom-built outdoor room is a popular addition in any Australian garden. Extending homes into the garden or enclosing balconies is well-suited to build privacy, extra space, and a sense of feeling cosy in any Australian lifestyle. We have some tips to share with you, from decorating tips to residential louvre roofs, if you are looking to create outdoor rooms in your home. 

What are outdoor rooms?

A proper outdoor room checks all the boxes. It’s relaxing, durable, and presents us both a connection with and a sense of privacy within our own backyard. Outdoor rooms help keep the garden cool and give it a trendy look with all niceties of staying indoors.

Before jumping to designing, our first recommendation is for you to determine what you want from your outdoor/indoor paradise.

It could be an outdoor entertainment area, a vibrant kitchen extension, a special peaceful space, or a kids’ zone. Maybe it is a mixture of both, but having an objective helps create the space you need. If you aren’t 100% sure what you want yet, check out our tips below to help you create the outdoor room of your dreams. 

The 5 tips for creating outdoor rooms 

Below we have featured 5 tips and ideas for creating and designing your outdoor room. 

1. Outdoor room ideas

At the outset, customise the outdoor area to fit your lifestyle, and decide if you want a space to celebrate, a calm zone to chill alone, or both. Thereafter, consider the following:

  • Entertainment areas

Outdoor entertainment areas should feature easy-care flooring and lots of discreet seating for a casual crowd. 

Pick fixed bench seats or broad deck stairs that may serve a twofold role.

Install outside fans, comfortable tables for drinks and snacks, and an esky-friendly bar.

If you like outdoor areas centred on cooking and dining, consider a built-in BBQ with lots of seating space and a wide table suitable for seating a big party. You might even add a TV for sporting events or movie nights. 

If your family’s meals are long, don’t forget to add comfortable seats and cushions.

  • Reading areas

Make an outdoor room a place to rest and unwind by outfitting it with hammocks, pillows, and relaxing seats.

Include a lightly chiming fountain or water feature, potted plants, and bamboo screens or curtains for seclusion and sun protection.

  • Playing areas

Kids’ activity places must be both welcoming to adults and enjoyable for children.

Install a sandpit, and invest in outdoor carpets to protect little knees.

Keep the space well-shaded and add portable chairs and tables for visitors. It is a good space to keep all the kids’ toys in one place, less mess to clean up. 


2. Think about adding a louvered roof to enhance your space

With a well-designed louvered roof for your outdoors, the distinction between indoors and outdoors disappears—fresh air and natural sunlight stream into your home with a smooth connection with the outdoors. Louvered roofs make it easy to enjoy natural surroundings and adapt to different weather conditions.

There is no wiser alternative than a louvered roof pergola for upgrading your outdoor living area into something aesthetically pleasing while remaining useful in all weather conditions. Thanks to their artistic adaptability and cutting-edge functionality, louvered roof pergolas are now a cornerstone for creating functional outdoors across Australia.

Whether you wish to entertain guests underneath the stars or envisage a sheltered location for lounging with family, pergolas will revolutionise the way you use your outdoor space. Learn more about louvered roofs. 

louvre roof

3. Set the tone with lights

Much like developing an interior lighting system, outdoor lighting also serves multiple functions. You may use decorative lighting to brighten up pathways and steps. String lights, flickering lanterns, and conventional candles are great ideas to enhance the ambience. 

You may even use low-voltage garden lighting that are hardly visible during the day—such as little lights concealed in trees, mingled with flowers, or looped in arbours and pergolas—and then dazzled in the evening for a more dramatic look.

4. Outdoor room decoration tips

Think about what you want to bring to your outdoor room like: 

  • Water feature: Water can be among the most crucial elements of outdoor rooms. The sound of running water creates a relaxing atmosphere. No matter, whether you’re designing a space for partying and meals rather than meditating, it can be delightful to hear the splash while you’re seated around the table.
  • Flooring: Do you also think that it doesn’t feel like a room if there’s no floor? As flooring defines a place, install some sort of patio pavers, whether it’s a deck, a stone floor, or a concrete slab. You may consider concrete flooring as it’s a great idea to design outdoor rooms on a budget. 
  • Plants: Plants bring liveliness, warmth, and a feeling of relaxation by softening hard edges like concrete floors. Pick plants based on the emotions you wish to evoke in the environment.
  • Furnishings: Use furnishings that complement the area to give a sense of movement and spaciousness. Before you purchase chairs or a couch for your outdoor room, lay back and stretch out to ensure the seat is comfy. Keep in mind that the objective of outdoor furniture is to relax.

5. Add finishing touches

You can really add some nice touches to your outdoor room to make it fit the design of your house. Here are some finishing touches you might want to consider: 

  • Hang a mirror to give your space a stylish look
  • Add a couple of pillows
  • Set a candle chandelier 
  • Add any home decor to suit the rest of your home 
  • Finish off with any gadgets or tech to suit your outdoor room 

Final thoughts 

If you are looking at creating an outdoor room in your space. Here are some of the tips we have for you, as a summary: 

  1. Build on your outdoor room idea
  2. Add louvered roofs to enhance your space
  3. Set the tone with lights 
  4. Think about the elements to making the outdoor space 
  5. Add those finishing touches 

Enjoy creating your new outdoor room!

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