This calculator has been designed to work out the cost of slat fence panels. It will calculate the cost and materials of up to 10 aluminium slat fence panels. The cost is for materials supplied in full lengths @ 6.5m long. Please note the maximum fence width is 3000mm, any width above this needs a post in the middle.

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Input the amount of fence panels.
  2. Input the slat size, 38mm, 65mm or 100mm.
  3. Input the surface finish, Mill finish (no colour), Powder coated or Timber Grain colour.
  4. Input the desired gap between each slat. (The calculator will work out the closest exact gap).
  5. Input the sizes in mm into the fence panel boxes.
  6. Once you have the prices screenshot the page or send us the sizes for confirmation.


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