Case Study: Louvre Shade Roof Installation
Location: Hammond Park, Perth, Western Australia
Work Required: Freestanding shade roof installation

The team at Louvre Shade were contacted to install a freestanding louvered roof to a residential home in the southern suburb of Hammond Park. The homeowner wanted to make their outdoor seating area accessible year-round by providing shelter from the elements.

Whilst their garden was already stunning, they struggled to make the most of it when it was very sunny as they had no shade protection – which is a problem when you live in one of the sunniest cities in the world!

Together, we found a solution that not only provides protection from the harsh sun but is also a beautiful addition to their own slice of backyard paradise. They chose a freestanding louvered roof perfectly positioned next to their outdoor pool, above their relaxation area.

Now, when the sun’s rays are too strong, they can conveniently control their environment with the touch of a button. By rotating the slatted roof closed they are now able to provide as much or as little shade as they desire. If they want to fully bask in the sun, they can position the blades to a fully open position to let sunlight through. When the blades are fully closed, the roof will also provide total protection from rainfall, meaning they can sit outside for longer, in all weather, all year round.

Though all these benefits are incredibly rewarding, our client was mindful of the end look. They didn’t want to compromise on the beauty of the garden they had spent so long landscaping. To overcome this challenge, they chose a combination of two complementary colours – a Monument frame with Surfmist blades. We are all in agreement that the end result looks brilliant and we are thrilled to have another very happy customer.

Our louvered shade roofs can be colour matched to the colours around your house, making a seamless addition to your outdoor area. Alternatively, you can choose from the many colours available from the Dulux and Interpon Powder Coating range, which is exactly what our client in Hammond Park did.

If you’re ready to transform your outdoor area by installing a louvered shade roof, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can arrange a visit to our centrally located showroom or message us to ask any questions you may initially have.

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