If you are considering installing a louvre roof in your outdoor area, it’s wise to learn whether they are waterproof. Louvre roofs provide a unique design that is manufactured for architecture and design lovers, but do they leak?

In this article, we’ll take a look at whether louvre roofs are waterproof, including the best ways to maintain them to increase their longevity.

Are louvre roofs waterproof?

Almost. Unfortunately there is no louvre roof 100% waterproof on the market. The roofs from Louvre Shade are not 100% waterproof either. Although our system offers very good rain protection, there may be splashes from the gutter when raining.

How are louvre roofs waterproof?  

Internal Gutter

The rainwater, when the louvre roof is in a closed position, gets streamed away in the downspouts and built-in high-volume gutter. Compared to a shade sail or retractable canopies, a louvre roof can avoid leakage of residual water into the space below it. These internal gutters are not only functional but also incorporated into the structure discreetly for a sleek aesthetic as well.

Parallel Interlocking Blades

When you even partially open the Louvre, sunlight and breeze will filter into the covered outdoor area. But the brush seal interlocking design of a Louvre roof turns it into a watertight cover when the parallel blades are in a closed position, preventing any form of water leakage during rainy and stormy seasons.

louvre roof open

What if I accidentally leave the louvre roof open?

With the touch of a button, you can quickly close the louvre roof if you are expecting rainfall. But what if you aren’t at home and you suddenly remember the louvre roof has been left open? Louvre roofs from Louvre Shade have built-in rain sensors so you don’t have to worry about your outdoor area getting drenched in a sudden downpour. 

The electronic rain sensors will detect droplets of water and close them automatically, so you can be assured your outdoor furnishings and space are always protected.

How to maintain and increase the longevity of your louvre roof?

While louvre roofs are durable Aluminium, proper maintenance is still necessary to avoid any damage to the system which could, if left, cause leakage. Here are our tips and a general maintenance guide to keep your louvre roof operating smoothly.

Keep the drive mechanism clean

As with any roof, the louvre roof also collects debris, tree foliage, branches, and twigs. But if they collect on top of the blades or the drive mechanism, it can overload the motor or cause damage to the system during operation. So, make sure to check periodically and keep the roof free of such waste. In general, avoid any object contacting the blades while operating.

Clean frequently

To ensure the longevity of the aluminum powder coating, keep the roof clean of dirt, bird droppings, and grime. If you don’t keep the roof clean as necessary, the coating can deteriorate, especially in a coastal area where contaminated moisture can contain chlorides. The best way to clean is using warm water with detergent and a sponge or soft cloth. In case of heavy stains that you can’t seem to remove using water, using mineral turpentine should do the trick. Just make sure to wipe it clean and dry it with a cloth after cleaning. 

Periodically check for overflow

Even though the louvre roofs can channel the water away with their in-built gutters, the lack of regular maintenance can result in blockages. Periodically check the downpipes and gutters for any blockages to prevent sudden water overflow and damage.

Do weekly runs

Whether it’s the time of year that you spend on your patio or outdoor area or not, operating the roof at least once every week is recommended. It will not only clear the roof of dust and dirt build-up but also cleans the bearings and other moving parts as well, preventing them from seizing up.

Do not walk on the Roof

Louvre roofs are not meant to be walked on. Its blades can’t support a person’s extra weight and can cause serious damage to the unit or injuries to the person.

A Louvre roof gives you a completely different feel about your outdoor living area, which is significantly different from a pergola or patio cover. Whether it’s pouring or sunny outside, the Louvre roof can transform your home and provide an exceptional living experience.

If you are eager to discuss your Louvre roof requirements, get an idea of the price or have any other questions, contact us without hesitation.

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